Wednesday, February 3, 2010

En el prado...

Well, for all of those who won't believe me pictures will be sent, but I went on a 5 mile bike ride this morning. It was tons of fun. Sis. Lopez and I went with a senior couple from the VC, the Ogdens and then had breakfast at their RV. The weather was perfect this morning, not too cold, and we rode up and down the one of the canals by their RV. It was a great way to spend what is most likely my last pday in Ensenada Park. Of course I don't know for sure if I'm leaving, but I have a pretty good guess, especially after our interviews with President yesterday when he was telling me that he understood how hard it is to leave our first area. But I sure do understand why missionaries don't stay in one area their whole mission. I'll miss Ensenada Park, especially the branch, but I'm excited to meet and work with new people. Each transfer seems to go by faster and faster. It seems like just yesterday we had the Christmas lights everynight, and now they've already started putting the stage up for the Easter Pageant! It is just around the corner! This last week we've been really blessed in finding new people to teach. Hispanics just seem to be popping up everywhere in our area, and we never knew they were there. Of course not all of the potential investigators we find turn into real investigators, but the more potential ones we find of course the more investigators we get. It really is amazing to see. Our zone fasted last week and the VC is going to fast this week, so of course that gives us a lot of blessings. The fasting also helps balance out all of the food people are feeding us! Friday was exchanges and Hna. Neilsen came to me and we were fed so much! We ate breakfast and lunch as normal before leaving the apartment and then about 2 hours after lunch we visited Rosalva and she fed us tamales (I can't say no to tamales...) Then we had our dinner appt and the sister we ate with serves us so we had to eat a lot. Then just an hour after dinner we went over to an investigators house and she was waiting there with hot chocolate and Mexican sweet bread. We were so full! Yesterday was zone development meeting and afterwards all of the elders wanted to go to Golden Corral. There are just 4 sisters so we couldn't convince them otherwise. Then we went to Hna. Mestre's house and she had another lunch waiting for us, and we went straight from her house to our dinner appointment. Later in the evening we went to visit a reactivating couple and their complex was having a party. I was so full that I have learned how to say no to tamales. We've gotten to the point that besides breakfast, we hardly eat anything we aren't fed. Don't worry family, I will be coming home with all of these recipes so that we can still have good Mexican food in Morocco. As for the rest of the past week there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. One thing that I am working on studying is responses for a lot of the concerns/excuses/questions/etc that we get from people. The scriptures are amazing! You can find the answer to everything in there, from answers to questions we get from other religions to comebacks to excuses from Hispanics, anything. I'll let you know as I find more things. Our plans for the rest fo our pday are to finish up our shopping for the week, decorate our planners, and then I need to organize my stuff "in case" I am transferred next week. Now that I think of it Monday may be our last pday for the transfer, in which case I have one more from Ensenada Park, otherwise who knows where I'll be writing from next week! Hna/ Lopez and I have been listening to the Children's Primary songs in Spanish for the last week which is a lot of fun. I have a new favorite primary song, but it isn't in the english book, just the spanish. But it is fun to have songs to teach to the children. They have such strong spirits as I have said before. On Monday I was drawing pictures for the son of an investigator and then asking him what they were. He would never answer me, he would only repeat the name when I said it. However, when I started drawing sister missionaries he said "las hermanas!" even before I was done drawing and had asked him what it was. That always gives me so much hope that even if their parents don't accept when we are teaching them now, I know that one day many of these children will find and accept the gospel on their own.

Hope you have a great first week of February!

Desde Mesa con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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