Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Transfers have brought a few surprises, some great, some okay...

So I don't know if y'all want the great surprise or the "still figuring out how I feel" surprise. I'll start with the later - I am staying in Ellsworth but... I am going full-field again. Don't have much comment on that since I wasn't even expecting that as a possibility and was excited to spend the rest of the mission in the VC. Actually, in all honesty, I was not excited about it at all, because I love the VC. At least mom you know my pday will be every Tuesday again...

However, this is where the great news comes in, luckily to outweigh the not so great... you ready for it... my new companion is a super awesome sister from California named... HERMANA RODIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Hna. Ladd and Hna. Rodio have been reunited again! I'll go full-field again even if the only reason is so she can have her second full-field. So pretty much, I am super super excited and 6 weeks of emails won't ever be enough to show how much I love Sis. Rodio and how excited I am to be her comp. I love Sis. Dewitt, but she is going to Sis. Lopez. At least we will still be in the same zone, because she was also one of my greatest companions.

In other news, we are on bike until Wednesday or Thursday, because our car broke on Friday and the dealership didn't have the part to fix it. I must say (and yes this really is Sister Brynn Ladd writing this) that I love riding bikes! It is a blast! And Mom, I don't plan on getting a little vespa in Morocco, but I am thinking about a bike! :P
Ok, enough with transfer news, now onto missionary stuff :) Sis. Dewitt and I have been studying a lot from last April's conference Ensign (super good, can't wait for October). It is amazing how specifically these things apply to our investigators and I love having a modern day prophet! We finally were able to see Romina and Marcelo (speaking of, Dad - which cities in Argentina did you serve in? Marcelo is from northern Argentina) on Tuesday and as we talked to Romina it seemed like everything she said was actually a question her soul had, and the answered were found in the talks we had been studying. It was amazing, it was as if the general authorities and been given her questions and concerns and asked to give talks on those subjects. We brought her a copy of the Liahona and then on Sunday night we shared a talk with them. I felt like it was a powerful lesson because it was from the talk We Follow Christ by Elder Cook and pretty much we just shared and testified, shared and testified. Also, I had Sis. Dewitt lead the lesson which I hope was good for her to give her the confidence she needs to speak the Spanish she knows. She has such a strong testimony that it shines through no matter what words she says. Conference seems to be a theme lately, and I hope it will help our investigators take the opportunity to see it next month. We shared a talk with 2 recent converts last week and this week they are studying a talk and are going to share with us. It is wonderful to see the modern application of eternal principles and again, I am so grateful for a living prophet. I would hate to even imagine my life with out a prophet to help guide it.

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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