Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm no longer dreaming of a White Christmas...


I have been so happy this week I want to cry. Rosalva Farnsworth and her son Juan Carlos are going to be baptized! We originally committed them to the 5th of December but we are trying to move it up because they are going to Mexico for Thanksgiving and we don't want her to face opposition from her family without the Holy Ghost. They are such a miracle. We think Larry has been less-active for at least 18 years! And he is not only coming back to church, but he is going to be able to baptize them. It was really special when we committed them to be baptized. We asked who they want to baptize them and even though Larry isn't his birth father, Juan Carlos (who is 13) immediately pointed at Larry. I really wanted to cry, they are such a special family. So that is 2 baptisms for our little branch at the beginning of next transfer, 2 more souls brought to Christ. But wait... there's more...

The Mestres are getting baptized too!!!!! Finally!!! They are the family that has had a date for almost 6 months, but we have been waiting and waiting for Hno Mestre's divorce, but just problem after problem came up. Finally, last week Presidente Kleinman (Branch Pres.) called Pres. Bassett (mission pres) who called Pres. LeSeuer (Area Pres.) who called the Missionary department in Salt Lake who called the General Authorities in Mexico who called the Mexican government and confirmed that after 5 years of not living together, Hno. Mestre and his ex-wife are legally divorced! And all in less than a week! When we first found out, we only heard about the communication up to the Missionary department, so we thought that they had just got permission to be married in AZ even though he isn't divorced in Mexico, so that is what we told Hna. Mestre, and she decided that she couldn't be married to someone who is still married, so she would wait. But last night, we got everything cleared up and Pres. Kleinman told us how we had misunderstood. Finally, this little family with so much faith and hope can be baptized. It is going to be a huge wedding and baptism, and Hna. Mestre is thinking about the 19th of Dec. So add 3 more to the Farnsworths and that is 5 baptizms this next transfer! And it is Christmas lights! We are going to be so busy! All of the VC sisters are in the VC during the Christmas transfer, because we are so busy in there. Also, every night there are a certain number of full-field Elders and Sisters assigned to work outside. I can't wait. I have heard everyone say that this transfer is the transfer of miracles, because we have so little time in our area. One sister that is leaving in a week said that Christmas lights was her only transfer with more than one baptism, and we already have 5 scheduled! The mission is coming so close to our goal of a White Christmas, and Ensenada Park Branch is definitely contributing its share!

I don't think I've ever been more excited for this time of year in my life: baptisms, Thanksgiving, Christmas lights, my birthday, wedding/baptisms, Christmas, New Year's, it is going to be so great!

This is the end of my second transfer in AZ, and next week I will hit my 6 months in the mission mark, I can't believe it! We know for sure that Hna. Blades is leaving, because Pres. told her in interviews last week. She knew anyways, because she has been here for so long, but she is still sad, especially because she and Hna. Rincon were the ones who found the Mestres. But she will definitely be coming back for their baptism. We are pretty sure that Hna. Lopez and I will stay here, and I am hoping beyond hope that that is true. I am not ready to leave Ensenada Park yet. No matter how mean all the retirees are, our branch and our investigators are my family out here. And the members we live with are awesome. Their son just left for the MTC in Argentina, and we have volunteered to put up their huge xmas tree for them. Maybe after our xmas miracles I'll be ready, but not yet.

De Mesa con paz, gozo, y esperanza,
Hermana Ladd

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