Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Transfer 3 aka the Holiday Transfer

Well, Hna. Blades is gone and Hna Lopez and I are left in charge of Ensenada Park. It is extremely scary and overwhelming. I don't feel like I know near enough to be senior companion, we have at least 2 baptisms coming up and I can't remember the last time I've even been to a convert baptism, let alone that I've never planned one. However, Hna Lopez is a great missionary, so I'm glad that I have her to help me in our area. President told me in interviews that I was in for something challenging, and he was right. 5 VC sisters left yesterday. It was really sad. I was closest to 2 of them, who also happen to be the two foreign ones so it will be hard to see them after the mission. One left me my favorite shoes of hers, and the other her True to the Faith book in Portuguese (they are from the Dominican Republic and Brazil, respectively). On the mission there are always so many changes. Comings and goings every 6 weeks. Everyone that leaves says that it goes by so fast, and I am starting to see that. Today is my 5 months on the mission mark. I wonder if it is going by as fast for all of you back at home. I am envious of the Elders who get to serve for 2 years, but at the same time it makes me more motivated to try and accomplish as much in my time as they do in theirs.

I am so excited for this transfer! In just over 1 week it is Thanksgiving, then we turn on the lights, then I turn 22. I can't wait to tell you all about Christmas lights! Family, can you believe that in just less than 6 weeks I'll be calling you?!

Even though it will be hard and we don't have much time in the area because of Christmas lights, I am so grateful that I got to stay in Ensenada. I was not ready to leave. The Farnsworth baptism has been moved to the 5th of December, but they aren't going to Mexico over Thanksgiving so that is okay. It was really funny, when we talked to them about moving it to before Thanksgiving they were completely okay with it. However, Sis. Farnsworth said "How intelligent you all are, to get me baptized before I go to Mexico." We just looked at each other and laughed, because we hadn't told her that is why we wanted to move the baptism forward. I could tell she was happy about it though, and she agreed with us. They both passed their baptismal interviews which we are happy about. I had no doubts that they were ready for baptism, especially Rosalva, but Juan Carlos was still trying to stop drinking coffee. We prayed all weekend that he would be able to. However, the Bishop of the English ward and Larry decided that he wasn't quite ready to be able to baptize them, and instead of choosing someone else they decided to wait. He is a little disappointed and feels bad their baptism is postponed because of him, but it will be good for him. Even though he has already changed so much it is good for him to see that his inactivity for so many years does have some consequences. Thankfully he has such a supportive family and they are all doing what they need to be doing now, and together.

The Mestre family is continuing to plan their big wedding and baptism. Unfortunately, because it is during Christmas lights, we can only be there for the wedding and baptism, and not the fiestota (big fiesta) afterwards. I am so excited for them, as is our little branch. Everyone is so supportive of one another.

The work is really progressing in our area. Our district was split this transfer. We used to be 4 companionships, 3 in my stake (Alta Mesa) and 1 in Salt River. Salt River was just split so now there are 2 companionships over there (one is VC sisters, so we are no longer the farthest sisters from the VC, nor the only sisters in our zone). They are their own district. One of the areas in our district was also split, so we still have 4 companionships in our district, but now they are all in our stake. I think the elders have something like 10 baptisms just this Saturday! The work is really exploding, all over Mesa, and it is so exciting to watch. I can't wait to tell you when we have reached our mission goal! There is just something about the Christmas season on the mission, I have never been happier at this time of year. I think it is because this Christmas, I am giving something back to Christ. We are giving him a present for his birthday, the present of greatest worth, the souls of His Father's children. I want everyone else to be able to feel that during this holiday season. Every one of you can add to your own White Christmas by inviting your friends and neighbors to celebrate the birth of our Savior by learning more about His church. Invite someone to you ward Christmas program. Invite someone to the Christmas devotional. Invite someone to a Christmas Family Home Evening and talk about the restored gospel. I promise you that if you invite even just one soul to come unto Christ that this Christmas time will be the best one in your life so far. Do it for our Savior. And please, tell me how it went, I want to share in your Christmas joy too!

De Mesa con Amor,
Hermana Ladd

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