Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 May 2010

This last weekend was the temple dedication for the Gila Valley temple. We got to go to the dedication because they broadcasted it to all the stakes I think in all of Arizona. However, that meant no sacrament for our investigators to go to :( We told all the ones that had said they were going to go to church, BUT, in good and bad news, we had some investigators (Emilio and his children) try to go to church that we didn't think would go. They went to the ward building and found it closed, so they just went to the VC and watched a movie. Thank heavens for the VC! And we were so glad to find out they had tried to go to church! For sure they will be there next week. We also had Juan Ortega tell us for sure that he was going to be there next week. He said he has already canceled work. ALSO, he said that he would like to start meeting 2 times a week (we had always been trying for that but sometimes he wasn't there. He has already talked to the guy he works with and they have started going to work much earlier to still get enough hours in. He has blocked out his Monday and Thursday nights for us! After a week he is going to see if it is possible to do Mon, Wed, and Fri. He will surely get baptized! He is getting a lot of surprise support from his family. His mother, who before would have disowned him told him that if he should do what he feels is right. His son said "dad, I have noticed a huge change in you since you've started meeting with the sisters. When I come up to visit you the first place I want to go is to the temple (he means the VC). I need that change too." Isn't that so awesome! Our investigators are great! Liahona 4th is like the promised land, zion, adam-ondi-ahman, and the celestial kingdom all rolled into one! Daniel Zambrano ... has also started being ...[better]. He came to a ward activity this Saturday and then right after he came to the cultural celebration for the temple. His brother-in-law Juan "Michoacan" Zambrano (weird that they have the same last name, I had never heard it before and then these two both have the same name, Daniel's son's (Juan's nephew's) name is Daniel Zambrano Zambrano...) anyways, Juan Michaocan is doing well too. We saw him Friday night and his son was there so we did a little activity and focused on the son. That always works, it seems that the way to a Mexican man's heart is through his child, which is great for the gospel! Anyways, we taught his son how to pray and when we ran into Juan the next day he said that in the morning he got up and prayed with his son. When his son asked why he answered "this is just something that we have to do now."

Oh our investigators make me feel like crying for joy! They probably think we are absolutely crazy because we literally have to hold back from jumping up and down when they tell us things like that, but it is really hard so sometimes we can't help it and we at least bounce or clap. Seriously, a missionary wears her heart on her sleeve. When I called Juan Ortega to confirm our appointment last night he said "oh, hermanas I won't be able to be there." All I got out was "aw, Juan..." before he interrupted and said "don't worry don't worry, I'm just kidding I'm already waiting!" Seriously, I think this has been one of the best transfers, work-wise. Hna. McBride and I are really working on talking more about baptism in our lessons and it is bringing so many miracles. It is amazing that the more we talk about it them more they talk about it! (who would have thought ;) ) I already talked about Rogelio last week. We kept talking about how he could change by being baptized and being cleansed from his sins and then he asked what he had to do to be baptized. In a lesson with Maribel we were explaining about how Christ was baptized by authority and by immersion and she interrupted and said "this is all true, isn't it? otherwise you wouldn't be here." With Emilio on Sunday we were talking again about baptism and his mother-in-law who is always there but never comes and listens came in and said "I don't think little children should be baptized, because they don't know." Then she sat down and joined us and we would answer their questions about baptism and then go on to another point in the lesson and before we could bring up baptism again they would ask another question about it! I love the mission! There is no way we aren't going to reach 200 baptisms this transfer! The Lord has opened the windows of heaven, but it seems like His french doors are right over Mesa Arizona!

To answer my "dailiness" question for the week "do we eat with members a lot?" We have a schedule within the Mesa Central stake so we should be eating with them every night (sometimes they forget). We rotate wards and get to meet a lot of really different people. For example, right at the end of last transfer I ate with the screen writer for all the Church cartoons and the Swan Princess movies. Pretty cool huh? And the older members have some really great stories! Then there is the other hand, when some of our dinners turn out really awkward... You were right, mom, you meet TONS of different people on the mission!

I hope that everyone is having as great of a May as I am! Oh, and happy Memorial Day next Monday. We live super close to the city cemetery and go running there in the mornings. I love walking through and seeing all the graves with the temple on them, or "sealed for eternity." There is even one for a little boy that has the CTR shield on it. I love the peace and hope that the gospel can bring to our lives. I know that God has more in store for us after this life. We can be with our families forever and nothing material in this life is worth giving that up. So don't give up. Don't sell your inheritance for a "bowl of porridge" (sp?). Don't even sell it for a moment of pleasure, because what you are selling is an eternity of joy. I know that through the Savior we can be forgiven for anything we have done. It isn't too late to read the Book of Mormon again, or go back to church, or get on your knees and pray for help. So do it today! I love this gospel. The church is the true and restored church of Jesus Christ. And I love all of you!

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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