Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sis. Ladd... the time has come...

That is how Elder Smith introduced our transfer news when he called Saturday night so that is how I start it now.

The time has come for me... To stay in Liahona 4th!!!!!

I really got the best of all worlds in this transfer: 1) I get to stay one more transfer in Liahona 4th, 2) I get to go back to the VC, which I was starting to miss, 3) I get to stay with Hna. McBride, which was a blast, and... 4) I get a new companion too! We are going to be in a trio! I am actually excited and not too nervous about this trio. The first one was hard but 2/3 of us were super new missionaries. Now it is the opposite. 2/3 of us have been out for over a year (my mission birthday is Thursday...) Hna. Rodio, our new companion has only been out 1 transfer. She was trained by my dear companion Sis. Lopez, so all three of us have had Sis. Lopez as a comp now. The only thing that I am a little teeny bit sad about is that I am staying in the area AND going back to the VC. I was ready for one or the other. Either I'd go back to the VC (good) and leave the area (sad) or Stay in the area (good) and stay out of the VC (sad). The reason I am a little teeny bit sad about staying and returning at the same time is that our area has really been busy even for full-field. There is so much work and sometimes we don't have time to see all of our investigators as often as we would like. However, one thing I learned when I left the VC for the first time is that as long as you work hard, the Lord fills up your time no matter how much you have. We are really going to have to juggle to be able to see every one. And we only have about 2 full-field days in the area, because we are really short on Spanish VC sisters. There will only be 3 companionships at the VC, meaning 7 sisters. Luckily there is an English sister who is from Argentina so she can help us out. The other 3 VC Spanish sisters are full-field right now. Anyways, to make a long story short, Hna. McBride and I were super happy with transfer news!

As far as our investigators, they are doing well. We had a rough last week of the transfer for some reason. Last transfer really was the greatest transfer of my mission, yet last week was one of the hardest weeks. Our numbers had been almost doubling every week, but things kind of came crashing down last minute. However, we still saw a lot of miracles. In fact, the bad things that happened weren't permanent bad things, and I think it was just a way for the Lord to show us his hand in the work and that he is in control of the timing. Rogelio didn't get baptized as planned last Saturday, but he will get baptized this week. I told you how he had been thinking about leaving. He didn't end up going to work for Bro. Crandall Tuesday or Wednesday. When we went over on Wednesday he was packing for Mexico. We were heartbroken. We told him that the job was still available and called Bro. Crandall right then. We were able to convince him to stay and at the end he agreed to pray for the first time in a few lessons. When he prayed he thanked Heavenly Father for his blessings and apologized for losing faith. We were so happy to hear that. He didn't even end up working for Bro. Crandall on Thursday or Friday, but his faith was back and his desire to get baptized too. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday he was able to work for his old boss, but that's why he didn't get baptized. When we saw him Sunday he told us that he still hadn't gotten paid by her and was sad he missed his baptism, and that there was nothing that could keep him from missing it this week. I know that that was just a trial he needed to pass to show his desire to get baptized and this week we don't feel any of the anxiety about his baptism that we did last week.

Another thing that made last week sad is that we finally had investigators move out of Arizona :( So far it was only Perla and Danito, but Daniel might be going soon. It is amazing how much of a difference there is in our trailer park without Danito! Their trailer is almost in the middle, and we pass it all the time and can see it from most of the streets. Without Danito and his character it just isn't the same. And he is only 3 years old...

I think that is about it. Oh wait, the heat! I think I am actually getting used to it... It was 105 yesterday and Hna. McBride and I kept our sweaters on and it didn't even bother us. I realize how much humidity makes a difference and am very grateful I went from a humid heat to a dry heat, rather than vice versa. I am not really worried about the summer. The heat came on late so maybe it won't get too hot. The hardest is being in the car and getting up the energy to get out of it. Bikes are much better because when you are on bike you have more energy and you are already hot, so no big deal. However, the bike I was using got stolen Saturday night (another reason the week was hard.) We are going to try and get others from the VC. Good thing about bikes too is that no one really owns them, they are from sisters that went home before I even came out, so if they get stolen we can find another (although I was still really mad because I loved that bike and I had locked it up even...)

Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying you June, I sure am! Can't believe I've been out a year already!

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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