Tuesday, June 29, 2010

29 June 2010

President Bassett is off and President Ellsworth is here. We get to meet him tomorrow.
Seferino has committed to baptism next month. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him. What a blessing to have the Visitors' Center.
Melissa and Quirino are praying together every night. They have also started reading their scriptures, personally and together. We love having FHE there because it brings so much light to the darkest part of the area. Quirino has also been sober for over a week, even with his neighbors calling him every night inviting him to just walk outside and drink with them.
We got to go to the temple on Thursday. I feel blessed to be part of a mission president switch, even though others are scared. Just think about it, whenever a prophet or leader died or left in the scriptures he gave some of his strongest advice. Before the temple trip on Thursday we had a conference and heard Pres. and Sis. Bassett's "last words." Then we got to go through the temple with half of the mission.
We get to clean the temple a week from Monday. I'll have more to say after we actually do it.
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday. We had some hard meetings with the ward leaders in the morning. They don't have much if any faith in our investigators. It is frustrating that they don't understand that they don't have to be perfect before baptism. Most of them are converts and they have already forgotten that they too had vices they were able to overcome with the help of the gospel. My talk was on the Rock of our Redeemer. However, the chapel plus overflow ward was a 3rd of the chapel branch on Sunday morning. We are pretty sure it is because Mexico played Sunday morning.
We found Juan Michoacan for the first time in a while. He has been out of town for a little over a week. We were afraid that he had gone to California with his sister's family. He said that everytime his son comes over his son won't let him go to sleep until he prays. His son also asks for us everytime he comes over, saying "papi, where are your friends? can't you call them and tell them to come over right now? why don't they come over to play anymore?" I love when children recognize the gospel. God really is sending His strongest to the earth right now.
We haven't had personal study for 4 out of the last 6 days. It is amazing how much of a toll it takes on your spirit. Especially after being full-field and being about to study every morning and no going back to the VC and losing that. It is so important to read your scriptures everyday, otherwise your spirit literally starves!
I bought a composition notebook made out of stone (weird, huh?)
I love my companions so so so much. We have tons of fun together. I don't even want to think about the likely change that is coming in a few weeks. I want to stay in this trio for the rest of my mission. I wouldn't mind staying in this area either (in the ward I wouldn't, but the area, for sure).

The temple gardens are full of huge sunflowers and there is a little duckling in the reflection pool. Sometimes when I see the temple from a different angle than that at the back desk of the VC, it hits me again just how beautiful it is. I can't even imagine how much more amazing it must be for someone who doesn't have the Spirit with them and doesn't know what it is, because their spirit recognizes it and feels something when they first see it.
The sun is scorching but I've gotten used to the 110+ heat. Really it hasn't been to bad. Everyday the temperature surprises me. I have realized how much of a difference humidity really does make. In the shade the heat here is completely bearable. It is just the sun that kills, it is super direct sunlight. Plus, I'm a missionary and we have way more important things to worry about than sweating.

My next pday has been changed from Tuesday the 6th to Monday the 5th. Just so you know :) Especially you, Dad, so you can try and get an email off. If I don't get one I'll try and get permission to check my email Tuesday morning, because I can't wait to hear from you in Morocco!
I love you and good luck with the move!

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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