Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

... Speaking of the Ellsworths, we had Meet the President last week. They are another younger couple, so their 2 youngest daughters are here with them. One will be going off to BYU in the fall, but the other is going to be at home all 3 years. They are wonderful people and I look forward to telling you all more about them as I get to know them better. We have interviews tomorrow so I will ask President about some of the matters that are coming up sooner than I want.
I got Dad's email, how exciting that he is in Rabat! We emailed late today so that I could have a bigger chance of getting it. Also, we are just emailing at the VC right before shift, since everywhere else is closed (to answer your question Mom). We got to celebrate the Fourth on the Third. The VC closed early because much of Mesa was celebrating Saturday and just taking work off today. After a meeting at the VC we went to the chapel behind the temple for dinner and then we had a few different activities to choose from. Some sisters played sports, others decorated cookies, but my companions and I and some other sisters got to watch the movie Emma Smith: My Story. It was such a good movie, especially because, even though not made by the church, it had the same actors as and some of the same clips as the Joseph Smith movie we show here at the VC. It was amazing to me to see the life of the Prophet from another point of view. He had such a great call and really has done more for mankind than any other person, save the Savior Jesus Christ Himself. I know that Joseph Smith was called personally by God and His Son Jesus Christ. I know that the church he was called to restore is the only true church on the earth, with the true and complete gospel of Christ, which allows us access to the only way back to Our Father.

After the movie it was time to go home for the night, and we were walking through the temple grounds on the way back to the VC to pick up the car. It was such a miracle, because we were the only sisters who decided to walk to the chapel which meant we had to walk back at night, but right when we got to the temple, the fireworks on Main Street were set off! We took some really beautiful pictures of the temple with fireworks in the background.

Well I'm excited to hear more about the move and especially hear more about Morocco! We have quite an adventure ahead of us!

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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