Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transfer news has come again, this time with some exciting surprises...

I would go through the whole story, with the irony and have you find out as I did, but I don't think I have the patience for reliving it. I have been composing this email since we found out, but now you'll just have to deal with the short story. Hna McBride got the call that she would be training in the area and that both Hna Rodio and I would be leaving (poor Hna Rodio, she has been transferred every 6 weeks, and is heading to her 5th and 6th companions in 6 months, yep, another trio for her) anyways, so we just waited for night to come to find out where we were going. We waited and waited and when they called the district leader said "Sister Ladd, you will be opening an area in Phoenix with Sister Dewitt." Phoenix!!! I was super excited, I've always wanted to whitewash Phoenix. So I went to bed thinking I was whitewashing Phoenix and woke up thinking I was whitewashing Phoenix and when we got to the VC found out that I was actually in the Pioneer zone, which is not Phoenix. I quickly called the assistants (our 2nd call of the morning because Sister Rodio had to call when who we thought were her companions said that their zone leaders had told her she wouldn't be their companion but would be with a Sister Skyler (her first name...)) and when I told the Elder he answered back "they told you what?!" Yeah, that's how I felt... When I told my district leader that he was wrong he was just as confused, because when they found out they asked both of our zone leaders to confirm and they both said it was true. I don't know where it got lost in translation, but they were all probably more bummed than I was, because all of our elders had served in Phoenix and were super excited for me. Instead, I am going to Ellsworth Park, where I thought before that I would go. I am excited for that too, because Ellsworth is a good little area. I will be with Hna Dewitt, Hna Rodio's MTC companion. And I hope to have much more to tell you next week about the area.
It is super sad to be leaving Liahona 4th, I love this area so much and will never forget the people here. Rogelio, our recent convert, almost started crying when we told him, as did one of our investigators, 10 yr old Estrella. Rogelio said "you are leaving me all alone." I promised that we would still support him through our prayers. But it breaks you heart nonetheless to be leaving the people you love. I have served them for 6 months! I am excited for the people in Ellsworth, last Friday I went on exchanges with Hna. Dewitt in the area and met some of them. I will probably be dieing here, so I'm ready to love many more people. I am super super sad however to not be with Hna Rodio anymore. I have been so greatly blessed this transfer to serve with her. Thee Lord knows and loves us both and we were able to find our "best friend" on the mission and even though we won't be companions anymore, I know she will be there to support me always.

This last week we have continued to see many miracles in Liahona 4th, and I am sad to go but excited for the miracles to come. The English sisters in Lehi turned over an investigator, Sandra, to us, so that we could teach her husband as well. When I went over with the sisters they committed her again to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because she hadn't yet. When we followed up the next day, this time with my companions, I asked her if she had done it and she said yes! She said that she felt very good and that she was excited to continue to read the Book of Mormon. I could see in her eyes that she had received the answer that it is true. Later that evening we went on splits with some returned sisters, miracle after miracle. Juan Ortega is still super excited for his baptism and shared some experiences he had had in the last week where he knew he felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Sister Rodio went to Evangelina and told us how great she was. When we got to see her this weekend we felt how strong her spirit was and how prepared she is to receive the gospel. On Friday evening I was able to go out with Hna. Dewitt in her area, which is now my area, and am glad I got the chance to meet some of the people we will be serving there. On Saturday we had a great ward activity which I think really united the ward, because that has been a struggle in Liahona 4th. I love these people and am grateful for the power of prayer, because I know that I can continue to pray for them throughout not only my mission, but also my life. I pray for all of you as well and am grateful for your prayers of support!

Desde Mesa, con amor,
Hermana Ladd

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