Saturday, July 11, 2009

Start of Week 4

Hey everyone! So I didn't write this out ahead of time like I last week so it might be a little short, so that I have time to read the emails I got. This week has been - about the same as last week. The temple opened up again so we got to go this morning which was awesome. We taught the second lesson for the first time yesterday. We are improving in our teaching but definitely have a long way to go. We went to a lesson planning workshop today which i think will help us a ton. This is going to be way scattered, just whatever comes to my mind. We have gym and laundry time with the hungary bound elders which is fun.

The Spanish is going really well, I especially like helping some of the other missionaries and watching them finally understand a concept they have been struggling with. Our roommates, who came in with us 3 weeks ago, left on Monday and Tuesday. They are out teaching now! That will be me in another 7 weeks... And we didn't get any new roommates today so we have a room to ourselves for at least a week. Time is a weird concept here, it goes by fast but each day lasts for what seems like forever. In 2 weeks the 3 sisters who were here when we got here will leave, and then we will be the viejas! For the fourth of July we got to stay up late and watch the fireworks from Stadium of Fire. All I can say about that is that the trees looked nice and that hour less of sleep kills here! It's true that they say you spend the next 18 months exhausted all the time!

Anyway, that is unfortunately all I have time for today! Just a reminder: Please please please include your mailing address if you email me, so that I can send you a letter. I can only email family. Love y'all!

Hermana Ladd

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