Friday, July 3, 2009

Week 2 MTC


I think I forgot to mention this last week, but the Mission Presidents were all here for their training, which means the MTC was flooded with General Authorities. We had out first devotional on Friday so that the MPs could be there (it is usually on Tuesdays) Elder Holland was the speaker and Elders Perry, Oakes, Bednar, Cristofferson, Anderson, and Cook were on the stand with him. On Sunday all of the 15 living apostles except Packard were at sacrament with the MPs, unfortunately though, we weren't there. But Elder Nelsons wife was the speaker in Relief Society.

I heard someone complain that the GAs don't come visit the missionaries enough, and that they don't seem to love us enough. All I could think after hearing that was "Are you kidding me?" They have a Church to run and they love and trust us so much that they have left a third of the mission of the church in our hands, "spreading the gospel." In the beginning of the Church, and even in the time of Christ, it was the leaders of the church who played the most important roles in missionary work. What a priveledge it is to be trusted with this great work!

This week has flown by so fast, it is hard to realize we have been here for only 2 weeks! And Sister Cochran and I are still unsure as to whether we have 7 or 8 weeks left. I wonder if they will fly by too. We go to bed exhausted every night and wake up at quarter to 6 every morning to go to the gym. They have it open from 6 to 6.30 just for the sisters.

I think i said last week, but i love my district. It is not surprising that my favorite elder is so much like Jacob! It is creepy how alike they are. His first name is even Jacob also! Just Monday I was holding a bag of chips by my stomach and when Elder Yates reached for one I flinched in the same reaction I have to Jacob's stomach pokes. When I explained to him why I reacted that way he said "tha's weird, I always poke people in the stomach too, I have to try really hard not to here at the MTC." I've already told him how much like Jake he is.

I love my district so much thtat I decided to stay in this district rather than move up to the intermediate level district. I took the lang eval and spoke to the coordinator of the spanish districts. He said that had I taken the eval as soon as I got to the mtc they wouldn't have given me a choice about moving up. but they left it up to me. I asked and he said that with motivation and a good lang study plan I could move at an intermediate level in a beginning district. I had prayed about it and felt that my decision to stay was right. There was an elder in my district who went to check out their class and he also decided to stay.

Well that's probably about all I have time to write. Thanks family for the letters and package,. it sounds like Dad and Jake had quite the adventure at Philmont. My favorite part was the part about "Burrito". I finally figured out how to use Ky's watch. and the other watch is probably the most useful thing i own now.

Our devo speaker this week was Elder Gerald Lund. He gave some great do's and don'ts of a missionary. It is sad how many missionaries out there do stupid things not realizing how visible they are to the world.

My favorite scripture for the past week has been D and C 112:10. And I love the beautiful hymn that goes with it. It's a wonderful scripture, look it up!

Thanks for the Scriptures Ky. We are preparing to teach the second lesson next week abot the plan of salvation and these will come in handy.

I love you all!
Hermana Ladd.

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